Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need IT experience to start this course?
You  do not need to have an IT experience to start this course. We will navigate you through the process and help you to learn all the materials in timely manner.
2. Is my laptop good enough for coding?
There is specific requirements for Laptops, please contact us, we will send you all needed specifications.
3. Will I work on projects?
At Techcenture, we create an opportunity for each student to have hands-on experience working on real projects where they would earn valuable experience.
4. Where would I get training materials?
We will provide all the necessary materials as needed and at the right time. Students will have an access to online education portal where we will share all materials and recorded classes.
5. Would Techcenture provide career support?
Yes, we will provide support and assistance to get our students employed. Also our Consulting and Recruiting partner firms will help with the process. 

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